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Ended exam's with very good grades, Hotel- og Restaurantskolen
Copenhagen, Denmark
Strengths: Hard working, keeping a constant overview. I do not get stressed and I'm very good with people around me also in situations of pressure.

Weaknesses: Impatient with none constructive complainers i.e. apprentices that complain about hard work without considering solutions for improvements as it usually is in the planning of work.

Achievements: All the places I have been working have been an educating experience for me, applying both to the actual professional skills and to interpersonal relationships I have established. I have truly enjoyed the multi-national and multi-cultural environment that I have been working in, with people from around the world including just to mention some of the nationalities Danish, Swedish, French, Italian, British, Americans, Caribbean and Arabian people.

Special cooking skills: Japanese/French/Scandinavian specialties (Vegetables, game and fish)

Special qualities: Languages spoken: Danish, English, learning French and Portuguese. Possesses an international driving license.

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