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Administrative Divisions (Provinces, Regions, States, Districts)
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Administrative Division Country
Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos
Cairo Egypt
California United States
Camargue France
Campania Italy
Campania United States
Canterbury New Zealand
Capital Governorate Bahrain
Capital Region Finland
Carinthia Austria
Carthage Tunisia
Castries St. Lucia
Catalonia Spain
Cebu Philippines
Central Denmark Region Denmark
Central Federal District Russia
Central Hungary Hungary
Central Taiwan Taiwan
Centre France
Champagne-Ardenne France
Channel Islands United Kingdom
Chiang Mai Province Thailand
Chonburi Thailand
Christ Church Barbados
City of Belgrade Bhutan
City of Zagreb Croatia
Coahuila Mexico
Coimbra Portugal
Colombo District Sri Lanka
Colonia Uruguay
Colorado United States
Connecticut United States
Corbières France
Cornwall Jamaica
Corsica France
Cortés Honduras
Côte d'Azur France
County Cork Ireland
County Donegal Ireland
County Dublin Ireland
County Galway Ireland
County Kerry Ireland
County Kildare Ireland
County Limerick Ireland
County Louth Ireland
County Mayo Ireland
County Waterford Ireland
County Wexford Ireland
County Wicklow Ireland
Cundinamarca Colombia
Curacao Netherland Antilles
Cuzco Peru