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Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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Place Address Opened Closed
Aramark CanadaKnow the address?
Barrie Country Club635 St. Vincent Street N.
Casa Del Sol Cafe & Patio41 Maple Avenue
The Farmhouse268 Bradford Street
Garraway's Bistro31 Maple Avenue
Georgian CollegeOne Georgian Drive
Grove Park Home234 Cook Street
Horseshoe ResortKnow the address?
Il FornelloPark Place Boulevard
The Local Gastropub37 Dunlop Street W.
Lucy's Seafood Kitchen34 Commerce Drive
Michael & Marion's Restaurant89 Bayfield Street
Mill Creek Care Centre286 Hurst Drive
Moose Winooski's407 Bayfield Street
Moxie's Classic Grill509 Bayfield Street
Mulcaster Lounge17 Mulcaster Street
The North Restaurant66 Dunlop Street W.
Oscar's Restaurant52 Bayfield Street
Painters Hall17 Clapperton Street
Scarpaccio Ristorante81 Hart Drive
Sierra GrillBarrie
Terry's By the BayKnow the address?
Wildwood Hospitality565 Bryne Drive
Woods Park Care Center110 Lillian Crescent

Recently Added to ChefDb - Barrie
    1. Il Fornello  
2. The Farmhouse  
3. Barrie Country Club  
4. Casa Del Sol Cafe & Patio  
5. Wildwood Hospitality  
6. Scarpaccio Ristorante  
7. Mill Creek Care Centre  
8. Mulcaster Lounge  
9. Woods Park Care Center  
10. Moxie's Classic Grill  

Recently Opened - Barrie
    1. Scarpaccio Ristorante  
2. Painters Hall  
3. The North Restaurant  
4. Garraway's Bistro  
5. Grove Park Home  
6. The Farmhouse  
7. Il Fornello  
8. Barrie Country Club  
9. Casa Del Sol Cafe & Patio  
10. Wildwood Hospitality  

Recently Closed - Barrie
    1. Casa Del Sol Cafe & Patio  
2. Mulcaster Lounge  
3. Sierra Grill