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City/Town Province/State/Region Country
Taupo North Island New Zealand
Tauranga Bay of Plenty New Zealand
Tavares Florida United States
Taverny Īle-de-France France
Tavistock Ontario Canada
Teaneck New Jersey United States
Tecumseh Ontario Canada
Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Israel
Telluride Colorado United States
Teltow Potsdam-Mittlemark Germany
Temagami Ontario Canada
Temecula California United States
Tempe Arizona United States
Temple Texas United States
Temple Hills Maryland United States
Temple Sowerby England United Kingdom
Temploux Namur Belgium
Tenafly New Jersey United States
Tenerife Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain
Terra Cotta Ontario Canada
Terrace British Columbia Canada
Terre Haute Indiana United States
Terrell Texas United States
Terrey Hills NSW Australia
Terrigal NSW Australia