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City/Town Province/State/Region Country
Pachino Siracusa Sicily
Pacific Beach California United States
Pacific Grove California United States
Pacific Palisades California United States
Pacifica California United States
Paddington Queensland Australia
Paderno Dugnano Milan Italy
Padstow England United Kingdom
Paget - Bermuda
Paget Parish - Bermuda
Pajara Las Palmas Spain
Pakalbin NSW Australia
Pakenham Ontario Canada
Pala California United States
Palembang South Sumatra Indonesia
Palermo - Italy
Palisade Colorado United States
Palisades New York United States
Palm Beach Florida United States
Palm Beach Aruba Netherland Antilles
Palm Beach Aruba Netherland Antilles
Palm Beach Gardens Florida United States
Palm City Florida United States
Palm Coast Florida United States
Palm Cove Queensland Australia