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City/Town Province/State/Region Country
Hackensack New Jersey United States
Haddonfield New Jersey United States
Haibach ob der Donau Eferding Austria
Haida Gwaii British Columbia Canada
Haines Alaska United States
Halaveli North Ari Atoll Maldives
Half Moon Bay California United States
Halfmoon Bay British Columbia Canada
Haliburton Ontario Canada
Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Hallandale Beach Florida United States
Halle Saxony-Anhalt Germany
Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Hamburg New Jersey United States
Hamburg New York United States
Hamden Connecticut United States
Hamilton - Bermuda
Hamilton New Jersey United States
Hamilton New York United States
Hamilton Ontario Canada
Hamilton Island Queensland Australia
Hamilton Parish - Bermuda
Hammond Louisiana United States
Hammonds Plains Nova Scotia Canada
Hampton New Hampshire United States