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City/Town Province/State/Region Country
Bournemouth England United Kingdom
Boutigny-sur-Essonne Īle-de-France France
Bowen Island British Columbia Canada
Bowie Maryland United States
Bowmanville Ontario Canada
Boyce Virginia United States
Boyertown Pennsylvania United States
Boynton Beach Florida United States
Bra Piedmont Region Italy
Bracebridge Ontario Canada
Brackley Beach Prince Edward Island Canada
Bracknell England United Kingdom
Bradenton Florida United States
Bradford Ontario Canada
Bradley Stoke England United Kingdom
Bragg Creek Alberta Canada
Braintree Massachusetts United States
Brampton Ontario Canada
Branchville New Jersey United States
Brandon Manitoba Canada
Brandywine Bay Tortola British Virgin Islands
Branford Connecticut United States
Branson Missouri United States
Brantford Ontario Canada
Brantford Connecticut United States